Fall Is Coming! Are Your Paved Surfaces Ready?

Salt Lake City Professional Lot Striping Services

Now August has drawn to a close and the Labor Day weekend beckons, the signs that summer is almost over are everywhere. Retail stores have already begun to stock Halloween decorations and Pumkin Spice flavored foods and beverages are already featured on menu boards nationwide. While the official start of Autumn is a few weeks away, it is a good idea to already be thinking about the changes that fall brings and begin to review and plan to optimize your regularly scheduled sweeping and other asphalt maintenance services.

Power Sweeping-Adjust your power sweeping schedules to a more frequent interval to accomodate the increase in fallen leaves, and also increases of litter and debris from increased holiday customer traffic.

Pressure Washing- Regular power pressure washing your paved surface removes dirt, debris, chemicals, and petroleum products that would otherwise find its way into cracks and cause additional damage.  Pressure washing also adds to the curb appeal of your driveway and/or parking lot.

Crack Sealing and Patching-Fall’s moderate temperatures are optimal for our crews to perform crack sealing. Taking care of cracked or deteriorated pavement now can minimize additional damage during the upcoming winter freeze and the spring thaw.

Sealcoating-Paved surface sealcoating is a crucial maintenance step for your pavement before the the long, cold winter months arrive. Sealcoating creates a barrier against moisture and prolongs the life of your asphalt pavement.  It also enhances the appearance and color of your pavement. We recommend sealcoating be applied every 2 to 3 years.  Unsealed asphalt is susceptible to cracks which, if left untreated, can result in costly pavement repairs.

Protect The Edges-This is an often overlooked but important step in regular pavement maintenance. Edge your lots and drives to keep grass and weeds from invading the pavement and creating further cracks that invite moisture into the material, opening it up to permanent damage during freeze and thaw cycles.

Planning ahead for fall pavement maintenance means you are much more likely to follow through with your plan to protect the structural integrity of your paved surfaces. This will increase your pavement lifespan, and reduce the number of costly repairs required in the future. For more information, contact Jacketta Sweeping today!

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